Benefits of Attending Divorce Support GroupsGoing through your divorce can be an intensely emotional and personal experience, but divorce, in general, affects a broad number of people. By discussing your divorce with others, you may discover that what you thought were your unique problems are actually common experiences. Divorcees are often advised to see a therapist for individual attention to their emotional needs. Attending a divorce support group can be a good supplement to individual therapy.

What Is a Support Group?

Divorce support groups are meetings for people who are going through or have completed a divorce. One of the members will lead the others in introducing themselves if they are new to the group and discussing their personal experiences with divorce. The atmosphere tends to be relaxed, and members try to be supportive in allowing others to express their feelings without judging them.

Where Can I Find Them?

A variety of organizations host divorce support groups. The most common hosting groups include:

Conducting an online search for divorce support groups in your geographic area will turn up several results.

Are There Different Types of Groups?

Divorce support groups may focus on subsets of people. Groups for men or women are the most common division. Some groups will have a religious focus to their message. There are groups for parent divorcees, as well as children of divorce. If you are looking for a social atmosphere, there are divorcee meet-up groups that go on fun outings.

What Are the Advantages of Support Groups?

Divorce support groups are not a replacement for therapy, which will better focus on your individual needs. Support groups offer a different approach to helping you deal with your divorce:

Legal Support

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