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As you go through the process of divorce, it is important to remain focused on obtaining the happier, healthier life you deserve. Doing so can help alleviate much of the stress and contentiousness often associated with divorce proceedings and with the division of marital assets. At Calabrese Associates, P.C., we understand an equitable property settlement will provide the foundation for your future, and we are equipped to help ensure your rights are fully protected along the way. Our experienced attorneys possess the knowledge and skill to assist in evaluating your assets and developing a settlement that puts you in control of your future.

Warrenville Attorneys for Property Division

Illinois law provides marital property is to be divided according to the principles of equitable distribution in a divorce. This means assets and debts acquired during the marriage are not necessarily divided equally but in a manner that is fair and just. Before the marital estate can be split, the property to be divided must first be identified and evaluated.

Identifying marital property can be complicated, especially if one or both spouses brought significant assets into the marriage or received substantial inheritance or gifts. If there is a question about a particular asset or the transmutation of separate property into marital property, our attorneys help you find the answers you need.

The next step of the property division process involves establishing a monetary value for each asset and debt included in the marital estate. At Calabrese Associates, P.C., we realize some cases require the assistance of outside experts such as financial planners, real estate appraisers, and other professionals to ensure a proper valuation of all marital property. We will help you determine what expert opinions are necessary.

Once the marital estate has been identified and evaluated, you and your spouse—or the court, if necessary—must find a solution that addresses each party's needs. Your settlement should take into account your contributions to the marital estate, the marriage, and your ability to maintain a similar lifestyle following your divorce. At this stage, our attorneys provide invaluable assistance creating an arrangement that is equitable and promotes long-term financial stability for you.

Complex Property Division Cases in Illinois

There are other factors that can complicate the division of marital assets even further, including very large marital estates and closely-held business interests. At Calabrese Associates, P.C., we are equipped to help you value such holdings and ensure your interests are protected. When necessary, we work with business valuation professionals and other experts so your business remains protected without compromising your equitable property settlement.

With our commitment to detailed preparation and our skills as negotiators, we help most clients reach an agreement without resorting to litigation. If a settlement cannot be reached, however, our attorneys are ready to take your matter to the courtroom and aggressively protect your right to an equitable share of the marital estate.

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