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Guardianship is an area of family law most individuals do not understand and often overlook. At Calabrese Associates, P.C., we recognize the importance and necessity of appointing a guardian in certain situations. Our team is equipped to help you obtain a guardianship of a disabled adult or of a minor child, depending on your unique circumstances.

Helping You Secure Guardianship of a Minor Child

The compassionate attorneys at our firm have more than 40 years of combined experience in family law. In that time, we have amassed an intimate working knowledge of the law and refined our skills as client advocates. We are prepared to help you make a difference in the life of a child in need by obtaining a guardianship. Guardianship differs from an adoption in that it does not terminate parental rights of the biological parents. Those are retained legally by the parent, but as the child's guardian, you are able to make decisions on the child's behalf, while providing for his or her day-to-day needs. Guardianships of minors are often sought by grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles for a child whose parents:

  • Are deceased;
  • Are incarcerated;
  • Have abused or neglected him or her;
  • Are struggling with substance abuse; or
  • Are disabled or otherwise unable to care for the child.

Guardianship of a minor can be revoked by the court at any time, including at the request of the child's living parent. The parent will need to prove he or she is now better able to care for the child and that terminating the guardianship is in the child's best interests. If you are currently serving as a guardian for a child whose parent is looking to revoke your guardianship, we can help ensure the child's best interests are protected.

Guardianship of Disabled Adults in Illinois

Parents of disabled children often struggle with how to provide for their child's needs and continue to advocate for and protect them after they turn 18. A guardianship can help achieve these goals. Our experienced attorneys will help you formulate a plan that best serves the unique needs of your family.

Also, when a loved one is no longer able to manage his or her own affairs, or has a disability that prevents him or her from doing so, you are permitted to petition the court for guardianship. As the guardian of an adult, you are granted legal authority to make personal and financial decisions the person's behalf. This is often necessary to help your loved one manage financial affairs, medical treatment, residential placement, and available assistance benefits.

We will help you determine whether your loved one requires a plenary guardian to manage all of his or her affairs, or a limited guardian to manage a specific portion. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in building a strong case for obtaining guardianship of your disabled adult loved one.

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