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Calabrese the family guy

I used Mike as a divorce lawyer. My case wasn't very hard considering I had been married a month and already looking to divorce. I was 27 and devastated with what was happening in my life. Mike was very patient with me and my parent's who also came to meet him with me. We basically asked him every question that we could think of. He answered every one of them. Even when my ex dodged the server several times Mike assured me things would be okay. The vibe I got from Mike was, hey I have kids and I wouldn't want them in this position and if they were in this position I'd do anything to help them. He's genuine, positive, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him time and time again.

- Nicole

Doesn't Quit - Stays in the Fight

I couldn't be happier with the results. Tough battle, wife contested everything and I mean everything. Mr. Calabrese was calm through-out and came out with a few things that surprised me and certainly threw both my X and her attorney for a loop. - GREAT JOB!!!!

Even after the divorce was final, X wouldn't stop. (long story) Contacted Mr. Calabrese again and got the matter resolved in a single day - AWESOME

If you're looking for an attorney that's going to stay in the fight and battle it out until the end, give this guy a call!

- Mike

A lawyer's lawyer

Quite simply, Mike is an excellent lawyer.

As a lawyer myself (in another area of law) I knew what to look for in my hotly contested custody battle. Mike was not only quite experienced in the field and knew most of the "players" (lawyers, judges, GAL's, experts) in the area, but was a master of negotiation. I knew all too well that what happens in the hall way and chambers is almost more important that what happens before the bench. I would regularly marvel at how Mike dealt with opponents outside the courtroom, setting up the issue in my favor before the judge even opened his mouth.

Mike was skilled at directing my energies to the battles that really mattered and encouraging me to let go of those issues that wouldn't matter 6 months from then, saving a lot of money and anxiety.

Mike was also ethical, never advancing an argument or theory that wasn't "right".

In the end, through hard work and excellent negotiating skills Mike obtained a very rare custody order for me so that I, a father, got sole custody of my two teen daughters...with child support but without me paying any maintenance to my x-wife. We cannot thank Mike enough for enabling my girls and me to start a new life.

I strongly recommend Mike to those who need an honest and diligent attorney who gets great results in the crazy area of family law.

- Tony

The attorney you need when there's a lot at stake!

During a 3 year divorce involving custody of my 2 young sons, after dropping 2 previous attorneys who both seemed aloof and busy with other cases, I found Mr Calabrese. That's when things changed! For the first time I felt confident. Mr Calabrese must have seen my fear and not only clearly explained what we needed to do but sat with me in court before our case was called! Not at the attorneys table where its much more comfortable but on the hard wooden bench seats. We won residential custody and thanks to Mr Calabrese I was able to raise 2 great boys in our home. This was over a dozen years ago and I never forgot him for giving me my kids. I searched for him recently to thank him again and was really glad when I made contact with him. I forget he's an attorney because he still seems so much more like a friend. Thanks again Mike, Kevin

- Kevin

Excellent Attorney, Great Experience and Happy with Results

Michael Calabrese is a competent, caring and excellent lawyer. He was very understanding of my circumstances and I couldn't have asked for better counsel during such a trying time. He honored my wishes to try and work out an agreement with my Ex husband instead of a lengthy divorce and is knowledgeable, patient and offered so much throughout this process. Due to all the qualities I mentioned about Michael Calabrese, I am at peace with the marital settlement agreement and end of my marriage. I also appreciate all the help I received from Shannon, an outstanding paralegal with the firm and the friendly staff.

- Satisfied Customer

Highly Recommend Mike Calabrese

Mike is not only only a knowledgeable and competent lawyer, but a compassionate person as well. He explains every step of the process (in my case, divorce), offers all available options, and makes sure everything is in clear and concise language. It is not always easy to think clearly in such emotionally volotile situations, but Mike keeps you on track and focused on the big picture. His advice was spot on legally, paperwork filed properly, and phone calls returned promptly. He was always very accessible, ready to do whatever was necessary and required and willing to answer any and all questions, explaining the answers patiently until he was comfortable with my level of understanding. He treats all parties involved with a high level of professionalism and respect. His rates are quite reasonable considering the fantastic quality of servies received. I highly recommend Mike Calabrese.

- Susan

Clear support and advice after experiencing years of crazy making double talk

It is very hard to get perspective when struggling to protect four children. I needed clear advice as to my options at the time and acknowledgement of the value of my role despite it not showing up on a spread sheet. The whole staff contributed to the divorce process being one of growth for me and my children.

- Anne

Great experience during a trying time in life

I have told all of my family and friends about this law firm. Each person in the firm was very understanding and empathetic with me during a very difficult time while the case was going on. No question was an annoying/dumb one, and I was always kept up to date with everything that was going on with my case. I felt completely comfortable with entrusting them with my entire life - as I was in a battle concerning my children. Not only did they previal with my case, they completely exceeded my expectations. My case concerned (back, present, and future) child support, custody, daycare and healthcare, support enforcement for a dead-beat dad, and eventually the termination of rights and my husband adopting my children. I could not have asked for a better attorney than Mike Calabrese.

- Michelle

Excellent Attorney who knows the law and is not a "table pounder"!

Regardless of who you are or how "strong" you think you might be; divorce is stressful most especially when it involves children. You will hear every "bar stool attorney" there is "advise" you on who you should retain. These "well advertised" attormeys did not fare too well against Mr. Calabrese at least in my courtroom experience. After all opposing counsel's emergency motions, letters, demands, and all other "table pounding" tantrums: I look back and appreciate Mr. Calabrese's professional courtroom demeanor even more. In my opinion, Mr. Calabrese is a most excellent attorney who has a genuine concern for his client and their children. He takes the time to explain to you what each and every matter means and guides you to focus on what is important. That is the "Trier of Fact's" (the judge) ruling and not the "barking dog", alleged "hired gun" across from you representing your soon to be Ex, nor the Guardian ad Litem who changes their mind with any little thing that comes up at your next appearance and thinks custody should change hands or be "dismissive" about significant findings as if they are "no big deal", and last but not least: the custody evaluator that opines you are an unfit parent because they do not like the way you look. I believe you are in good hands with this attorney. Thank you Mr. Calabrese for everything you did for me and my family.

- Satisfied Customer

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