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Modifying Orders for Child Support and Spousal Maintenance in Naperville and the Surrounding Areas

Child support and maintenance orders may have some of the greatest impact on you and your children after a divorce or separation. Child support is intended to meet the needs of the parties' children and is most often based on the income of the paying spouse and the number of children. As children grow and change so do the financial means needed to support them. Orders for child support and spousal maintenance are intended to help alleviate some of the struggles for those who need financial help. As time goes on after a case is finalized, the child support and maintenance orders often need to be reviewed to make sure everyone's needs are being met and prior court order are being complied with. At Calabrese Associates, P.C., we are ready and willing to help you seek modification of an existing order for child support or spousal maintenance so that your needs continue to be met.

Illinois Child Support Attorneys

An order for child support can be instrumental in providing for your child's most basic needs. Child support calculations, in most cases, are based on the income of the supporting parent and the number of children requiring support. There are other factors the court may consider in making a final determination, but an order must be based on the circumstances as they exist at the time.

When those circumstances change, either gradually or suddenly (such as due to a major illness or loss of a job) a modification is often required. Whether you are currently obligated to pay support and are having justified trouble remaining compliant, or you are receiving support on behalf of a child whose needs have changed, our attorneys are equipped to help you. We will assist you in demonstrating to the court your significant change in circumstances so your order can be updated to better reflect your new situation.

Our attorneys are also experienced in handling administrative penalties for non-payment of child support obligations. We will work with you and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to minimize or eliminate the penalties.

Spousal Maintenance Lawyers

Similar to orders for child support, orders for spousal maintenance are also based on the financial circumstances of the couple at the time the order is entered. Therefore, a significant change in either party's economic situation or the living arrangements of either spouse could require a modification to the existing order. At Calabrese Associates, P.C., our knowledgeable team has more than 40 years of combined family law experience to assist you throughout the process.

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