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Are DuPage County Divorce Cases Still Ongoing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?

 Posted on August 07, 2020 in Divorce

DuPage County Divorce AttorneysWith the way that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted society, it is understandable for you to wonder whether the courts are available to hear cases on divorce and other areas of family law. The good news is that courthouses in Illinois are open and operating—but with new rules that prioritize the safety of everyone attending. Courts are also taking advantage of video conferencing to limit the number of in-person meetings while still moving forward with cases. The 18th Judicial Circuit Court of DuPage County began hearing all cases again on June 8 with new guidelines that it will use for the foreseeable future.

Will I Have to Attend Court?

Most cases in DuPage County’s domestic relations court are being heard remotely rather than in person. The exceptions are for hearings involving orders of protection, extended trials, and cases that the court deems to be exigent. The court will judge whether a domestic relations case is urgent based on factors such as:

  • How long the case has been pending and the reason for the delay
  • Whether the case involves a dispute about parenting time
  • Whether there is an immediate risk of danger to minors
  • Whether there is an immediate risk of irreparable harm to the marital estate
  • Whether the case involves misconduct by one of the parties

What If I Am Required to Attend in Person?

The DuPage County Courthouse has strict requirements for those who enter to attend a hearing:

  • Everyone must wear a mask or face covering while inside the courthouse.
  • Your temperature will be taken before you are allowed to enter.
  • Social distancing measures are in place inside the courtrooms and in the hallways.
  • Only people who are integral to the hearing will be allowed inside the courtroom, including the plaintiff, defendant, attorneys, and witnesses who are testifying.

What If I Have a Remote Hearing?

DuPage County is remotely conducting most of its divorce and family law cases. There are multiple video conferencing applications that you can use to hold a hearing, though Zoom seems to be the most popular. Those attending a remote hearing are expected to use courtroom etiquette including wearing appropriate attire and not interrupting the proceedings. You need to consider other factors before attending the hearing, such as:

  • Adjusting the lighting in the room so others can see you
  • Being somewhere that is quiet and free of distraction
  • Considering what others will be able to see in the background when you are on camera

Contact a Naperville, Illinois, Divorce Lawyer

You do not need to postpone your divorce or family law case because of the pandemic. A DuPage County family law attorney at Calabrese Associates, P.C., can explain how your case will proceed given the circumstances. To schedule a consultation, call 630-393-3111.



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