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Read Our Top 20 Family Law Blogs for 2020

 Posted on March 11, 2021 in Divorce

DuPage County family law attorneyEvery year, we publish dozens of blogs about a wide variety of topics related to divorce and family law. Our goal is to provide people with helpful information about issues that they may need to address when getting divorced, settling disputes over marital property or child custody, or handling other matters in family court. Our most popular blogs that people have read over the past year have covered many areas of the law and other issues that affect families, and we encourage you to read these articles and share them with those who may find them helpful:

  1. When You Can Extend Child Support Beyond Age 18 - We look at when divorced parents may be required to contribute to their children’s college expenses or provide other forms of financial support.

  2. Remarriage Can Affect Child Support Payments - While child support payments are typically based on parents’ incomes, in some cases, a parent’s marriage to a new spouse may affect the amount they will be required to pay.

  3. Staying in a Bad Marriage Can Be Physically Unhealthy - We look at some of the health issues that can affect spouses in a bad marriage and the advantages of pursuing divorce.

  4. Paternity When the Husband Is Not the Biological Father - Parents may need to address multiple legal issues if someone other than the mother’s husband is the father of her child.

  5. When Does Illinois Allow the Termination of Parental Rights? - A parent’s rights toward their children may be terminated in adoption cases or in situations where DCFS determines that they are unfit.

  6. Illinois Court Questions Law Requiring Divorced Parents to Pay for College - We look at a recent court case that addressed divorced parents’ requirement to assist with their children’s college expenses.

  7. Change of Circumstances Allows Immediate Modification to Parenting Time - Under Illinois law, a parenting time schedule may be modified if the circumstances of either parent or their child have changed significantly.

  8. How Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Your Spouse May Affect Your Divorce - We look at how these types of cases may affect a couple’s finances and debts, as well as the role they may play in child custody disputes.

  9. Determining Child Support With an Inconsistent Income - Special provisions may need to be made to calculate child support if a parent regularly earns commissions or bonuses or works overtime hours.

  10. When Can Spousal Maintenance Be Modified? - We look at the different types of spousal support and situations where support may be adjusted or terminated.

  11. Advantages and Disadvantages of Postnuptial Agreements - A legal agreement between married spouses can address how matters will be handled if they choose to get divorced.

  12. How the Coronavirus Is Impacting Divorce Cases - We look at some of the issues that divorcing couples may encounter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  13. How Winning the Lottery Would Affect Your Divorce - Lottery winnings may need to be addressed when determining how to resolve issues related to property division, spousal maintenance, or child support.

  14. Parenting Plans Should Be Specific, Yet Flexible - We examine the issues that will need to be addressed when creating a parenting agreement that includes decisions made about child custody and parenting time.

  15. Does Your Spouse Share Your Business Debt in Divorce? - In some situations, divorcing spouses may be required to divide mutual debts.

  16. Postponing Divorce To Save Money Not Worth It - We look at why delaying the divorce process is not likely to be beneficial.

  17. High Income Divorce Can Change Child Support Calculations - Illinois child support guidelines may not apply if parents earn a high income, and these situations may need to be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  18. How Your Spouse May Hide Assets During a Divorce - We examine some of the ways that a person may attempt to conceal money or property from their spouse.

  19. 11 Factors Courts Consider When Ruling on Child Relocation - A judge will consider multiple issues when determining whether a proposed parental relocation is in the child’s best interests.

  20. Illinois Adjusts Spousal Maintenance Law Ahead of Tax Changes - Due to recent changes to federal tax laws, the formula used to calculate spousal support has changed.

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