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Signs Your Spouse is Preparing for Divorce

 Posted on May 15, 2024 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerBeing taken completely by surprise when you are served with divorce papers is never a pleasant experience. Yet, it happens to people every day. Many husbands or wives believe that everything is fine in their marriage, only to find out that their spouse has been secretly preparing for divorce for months. There are legal disadvantages to being surprised by a divorce filing. Some spouses will do things like taking marital funds to create a separate bank account for themselves, gathering evidence that might help them gain more parenting time, or even fabricating “proof” of spousal abuse in an effort to gain an advantage during divorce proceedings. If you even suspect that your spouse might be preparing to divorce you, it is wise to find your own Naperville, IL divorce attorney immediately.

Hints That Your Spouse Might File for Divorce Soon 

A few of the more subtle signs that your spouse is getting ready to divorce you include:

  • Wanting separate funds - If you have been using a joint bank account for years and your spouse decides that she needs her own bank account or her own retirement fund, it might be because she sees the end of your marriage coming. 
  • Missing money - If you start noticing that money is disappearing from your joint account, your spouse might be building personal savings. For example, if your grocery bill suddenly increases by $100 per week, check to see if your spouse is taking cash back without telling you. 
  • Going back to work - If your spouse has been a homemaker or stay-at-home parent for a long time and you are financially secure, but she spontaneously decides to reignite her career, it could be because she is planning to file for divorce and knows that she will need money of her own. 
  • Disparaging you to the children - Has your spouse started saying bad things about you to the children? He could be trying to manipulate them into believing that you are at fault for the coming divorce so they will want to stay with him. 
  • Change in record keeping - Your spouse has never paid much attention to your retirement accounts or investments before. Now she suddenly wants to see records related to these accounts. She might be gathering financial evidence. 
  • Putting assets in his or someone else’s name - You are buying a car and your husband does not want your name on the title, or he wants to put the car in his sister’s name for unclear reasons. He could be trying to preserve them for himself when he files for divorce. 

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