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Three Helpful Tips for Developing a Great Relationship with Your Attorney 

 Posted on December 29, 2021 in Divorce

napervile divorce lawyerAttorneys are one of the most frequently criticized groups of professionals in the world. Jokes about attorneys exist in every culture, and there are many stereotypes regarding attorneys, their supposed characteristics, and alleged shortcomings. Working as an attorney is a difficult job, in large part because, contrary to popular belief, attorneys do care about the well-being of their clients and want their cases to succeed. If you are getting divorced, petitioning for a parenting time modification, or hoping to adopt in Illinois, here are some tips for ensuring you have a great relationship with your lawyer.

Help Your Lawyer Build the Strongest Case Possible

Even if your attorney believes you are completely justified in pursuing your preferred outcome, no attorney has the power to snap their fingers and bend the law. Part of engaging with the law is understanding that it is complex, sometimes vague, and often feels unfair. Your attorney’s job is to represent you and pursue the best possible outcome with your case. You can help your attorney build the strongest case possible by being forthcoming about any information that may be relevant to the case. Gathering any financial documents, relevant paperwork, and evidence like text messages can also help your lawyer develop a powerful case. 

Avoid Antagonistic or Revenge-Seeking Behavior Against the Other Party 

Whether you are getting a divorce, petitioning for sole custody of your child, adopting your stepchild, or taking on any other family law matter, it is best to be as non-antagonistic as possible. Hostility toward the other party can make the situation even more difficult to manage for both you and your attorney. Hostile actions can even lead to orders of protection or other legal consequences in extreme cases. 

Do Not Hide Assets or Falsify Information 

Some clients start their legal cases on the wrong foot by trying to deceive their attorney in the process of hoping to deceive the court. This very often backfires and can cost a client more money and time to fix the mistake, as well as causing ill will and distrust between the client and their attorney. If you are responsive, honest, and forthcoming with necessary documents and information, your attorney will likely respond in kind. Hiding assets, lying about income, or otherwise falsifying information can be devastating to your case. 

Call a Naperville, IL Divorce Attorney 

Choosing a great attorney is the first step towards having a successful divorce, custody modification petition, adoption, or prenuptial agreement. If you are considering taking legal action, the DuPage County family law attorneys with Calabrese Associates, P.C. can walk you through your options and provide skilled legal representation. Call our offices today to schedule a confidential consultation at 630-393-3111.  



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